Sunday, March 1, 2009


IMPORTANT: As Facebook grows in popularity, it becomes more and more important to be careful about what you post and how much you share. Stories about identify theft and rejection from 1st choice schools and jobs because your friend posted a photo of you doing something inappropriate are true (see Michael Phelps). Peconic Dunes wants to support its online community and help protect its members.

Default Settings: Facebook’s information philosophy — and default setting — is to share almost everything that you’ve included in your Facebook account. That means if you’ve never changed your privacy settings, your Facebook profile is shared with not only all your friends and groups, but also with everyone in every network you join.

That’s a lot of sharing.

Luckily, though, Facebook gives you options to limit that outlandish profile broadcasting. Here’s where to start reigning in your information.

Information Control Options: The good news is that unlike many social websites, Facebook provides their users with an arsenal of privacy control and settings.

When you sign into your Facebook profile, take a look at the upper right-hand corner of the page, and click on the “Privacy” link next to the “Logout” link:

In this page, you have control over:

  • Information you share in your profile
  • Information people see when they search for you
  • Information on actions you take with other people
  • Information available to others when you contact them
  • Privacy controls for applications you’ve added to your account

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Alumni Internship Job Description

The Alumni Internship position is a unique opportunity for alumni to return to Peconic Dunes to help run some of the programs they enjoyed as well as provide support to our communications and alumni relations efforts. The intern will also assist with basic administrative functions in the office. Basic duties include:
  • Maintaining and updating the alumni relations Facebook account, Peconic Dunes Camp
  • Researching and posting alumni opportunities on our Web site
  • Database input and updates
  • Updating all emails and tracking down new contact information for alumni and their families
  • Help edit monthly enews and bi-annual newsletter
  • Be an assistant ECO instructor and/or community outreach assistant
  • Participate in Peconic Dunes morning exercise and duty
  • Organize photos on a weekly basis from current and past semester
  • Assist with alumni communications
  • Coordinate camper Weekly Updates for blog
  • Manage spirit cabin points
  • Provide administrative support to Public Relations and Alumni Relations
Stipend for the semester: $3,000 and travel expenses

*Applicants must be an alumni and have an undergraduate degree*

If you are interested in this position, please email a cover letter and resume to


Dates Not Yet Determined

Alumni Summer & Fall Work Projects are an opportunity for Peconic Dunes alumni to come back to the East End and find out what it is like to work behind the scenes. The 2-week programs are focused on manual labor, helping out with visiting programs, maintaining the systems and grounds, and having a lot of fun. If you are interested in jumping into to the grunt work that keeps Peconic Dunes running while connecting with fellow Dunes alums, please apply for one of the two work projects this spring and fall. The first session will be more focused on running user group programs at the Dunes and the second session will be more focused on manual labor. Work days start with morning exercise and generally end around 3pm. Amongst all the hard work there will be plenty of opportunities for fun including ultimate frisbee games, a trip to lighthouse, bonfires, and much more. Applications are limited to alumni that are 18 and older and have graduated from high school. There is a limit of 12 alumni per program and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Interested? Email


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